International Plastic Surgery Carries No Stigma!

Gossip rags in the grocery store or online and feed you the latest news: baby bumps, cheaters, divorces, and who has had plastic surgery and is denying it. Not many will admit to plastic surgery, or if they do, only as a necessary medical procedure: “No, I didn’t have a nose job. But I did have a deviated septum repaired.”

In Brazil, Italy, and Greece, plastic surgery is anticipated and expected.  But nowhere are plastics more celebrated than in South Korea.  Nose, eye, and breast procedures are regular occurrences, so much so that they are given as graduation gifts and publicized in reality television.

A Music Video…About Real Plastic Surgery?

If you haven’t heard… Korean pop groups are singing about their surgeries and using film from the procedures as part of the music video! Don’t believe me? Check out the music videos “Becoming Prettier (Before)” and “Becoming Prettier (After)” by Six Bomb. They are a shout out to feeling confident and doing whatever you need to do to feel that way.  There is no shame, no hiding, only bold, hopeful positivity.  A third song, “Plastic Face” by Brown Eyed Girls (parody of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”), not only celebrates the surgeries, but emphatically tells any judgmental people to back off and plastic surgery patients to be confident!

We should be so forward thinking in America.  For all our liberality, we are quick to point fingers at people who have had breast augmentation , rhinoplasty, even Botox, when all they want to do is simply become prettier.

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