International Plastic Surgery Carries No Stigma!

Gossip rags in the grocery store or online and feed you the latest news: baby bumps, cheaters, divorces, and who has had plastic surgery and is denying it. Not many will admit to plastic surgery, or if they do, only as a necessary medical procedure: “No, I didn’t have a nose job. But I did have a deviated septum repaired.”

In Brazil, Italy, and Greece, plastic surgery is anticipated and expected.  But nowhere are plastics more celebrated than in South Korea.  Nose, eye, and breast procedures are regular occurrences, so much so that they are given as graduation gifts and publicized in reality television.

A Music Video…About Real Plastic Surgery?

If you haven’t heard… Korean pop groups are singing about their surgeries and using film from the procedures as part of the music video! Don’t believe me? Check out the music videos “Becoming Prettier (Before)” and “Becoming Prettier (After)” by Six Bomb. They are a shout out to feeling confident and doing whatever you need to do to feel that way.  There is no shame, no hiding, only bold, hopeful positivity.  A third song, “Plastic Face” by Brown Eyed Girls (parody of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”), not only celebrates the surgeries, but emphatically tells any judgmental people to back off and plastic surgery patients to be confident!

We should be so forward thinking in America.  For all our liberality, we are quick to point fingers at people who have had breast augmentation , rhinoplasty, even Botox, when all they want to do is simply become prettier.

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Did Lady Gaga Have Surgery?!

Every since the Super Bowl, or maybe even earlier at the Golden Globes Awards, the internet has been blowing up about Lady Gaga having cosmetic surgery done.  In 0.8 seconds, Google turns up more than 2 million results for “Lady Gaga Cosmetic Surgery.” But the question remains, has she, or hasn’t she?  And even more curious, why shouldn’t she?

Not Born This Way?

Lady Gaga is never Speechless about anything, and that includes plastic surgery. She has been outspoken against having work done, which is why there is so much interest in whether or not she has sculpted her face.  If she has, she wouldn’t be alone among Super Bowl artists to have work done.  Among others, both Michael and Janet Jackson, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Madonna, and Katy Perry have allegedly had either plastic surgery or other procedures to correct or enhance their appearances.

Maybe it was a nose job (or three), Botox, or dermal filler. If she did have plastic surgery, or any other procedure done, it doesn’t make her a Monster, even though the interwebs have tried to vilify her for it.  The statement she made against surgery and enhancement was made several years ago, when she was much younger; opinions, just like faces, can change through time and experience.

If you have become older and wiser, and want to have a better Poker Face, call Southwest Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Agullo AKA RealDrWorldWide has been serving the El Paso Area for many years and has the experience you want in a Plastic Surgeon.  Take the first steps toward a more youthful, more confident you in 2017.  The results will make you want to Just Dance!

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Trending: People Seeking Plastic Surgery at a Younger Age

The “Now” generation of people who are 20 years of age or less, now outnumber the “Then” generation, or the rest of us. While there are a lot of similarities between the two groups, there are lots of differences as well.

One of the differences is a guiltless opportunity to splurge on or reward themselves. After all, if you work hard, you deserve something for it, right?

An example is that more and more of the “Now” population are investing in cosmetic changes and physical improvements. Whether it’s through fashion and beauty or plastic surgery is up to them.

Why would someone so young want to invest in a plastic surgery? One reason is because their life expectancy is increasing. They’re out to make the most of life, and eyeballing ways to have the body that they want during the process.

What Types of Treatments Are They Having?

Dr. WorldWide, often sees 20 and 30-somethings to make aesthetic improvements like rhinoplasties (“nose jobs”), butt augmentation, and even labiaplasty (for an improved sex life.) After all, if you’re going to go through life, why not enjoy it and look great during the process?

Research has already shown that improving your appearance can help you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence. It goes far deeper than the way you look to everyone else around you.

Affordable Plastic Surgery for a Younger Generation

Now-Gen individuals see that the investment in body improvement is more of a long-term investment that can easily be paid off like a new luxury item or a credit card…except it lasts far longer!

Regardless of whether you’re 25 or 55, Dr. Frank Agullo, AKA Dr. WorldWide, provides life changing procedures right here in our office. You’ll have yourself wondering why you waited so long to get a consultation.

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