The Psychology Behind Post-Breakup Bodies

Last week we talked about how Khloe Kardashian really made a name for herself when she took to getting the “revenge body” of her ex’s dreams, while also motivating others to do the same, under the reality show of the same name.

But Kardashian isn’t the only one to do an about face with her physical appearance after a bad breakup. People like Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber’s ex) and Paula Patton (after she split with Robin Thicke) underwent drastic transformations as well.

Why Does It Work This Way?

One Hollywood psychologist, suggests that “In the same way that dressing up for that job interview or hot date can boost one’s confidence and composure, going through a breakup makeover can also help a person feel more poised, self-assured, attractive, desirable, assertive and so forth…”

While it’s highly doubtful that changing your appearance is going to be the “key” to mending your relationship back together, it may be point in the road where you’re able to turn things back around and take another street entirely.

Ultimately, most people seek to improve themselves so that the person they split with, will regret their decision to take off. Unfortunately for others, it may be that the breakup causes them to feel insecure, especially if they’re already battling physical issues that cause self-consciousness.

Considering a plastic surgery as your solution isn’t always the best course of treatment, but it can be the “catalyst” for the new life that you’ve been searching for. Especially if you dislike your facial characteristics, feel like you get made fun of, or can’t even start to think about wearing your favorite outfit on a night out on the town.

Dr. Agullo has helped thousands of people transform their lives, all for various reasons. If you’re past the heartache but still feel the urge to explore a cosmetic option to open new doors, give us a call!

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