To Show It Off Or Not?

In America, there are two distinct thoughts about displaying woman’s body.


  1. The display of the body is an invitation to consumption or judgement.
  2. Any woman should be proud to display and love her body.

The Miss America Pageant under male leadership has always leaned toward the first premise: Women were judged by how “their physical charms were assembled” in a bathing suit and in formal evening wear. Though early swimsuits were dowdy by modern standards, the most recent bikinis leave little to the imagination of the judges.

The new chairwoman, Gretchen Carlson has changed the stance of the institution, stating that they will no longer be judging their candidates “on their outward physical appearance.”

But the pageantry world is split on the swimsuit issue. Sarah Rose Summers, Miss USA 2018, has stated in interviews that she feels the swimsuit competition is exciting and empowering; it shows confidence and the hard work each competitor has put in. Though the pageantry and judging portion of the Miss USA competition leans heavily toward the first premise, it is obvious that Miss USA herself is a proponent of the second.

Middle Ground?

Surely, we can all agree that one’s physical appearance, whether clothed or not is not solely for public consumption. It’s not an invitation or enticement. Women can and should feel comfortable and confident wearing ANYTHING!

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