Three Ways to Get Wedding-Ready as Quick as Possible!

Wedding trends over the last several years show the length of time of an engagement is more than a year. People want to take time to plan. In Hollywood tradition, celebrities are bucking tradition and opting for a shorter period of time for dating and engagement.

Most recently, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have tossed conventional wisdom out the window and gotten engaged after only two months of dating.

What About Your Big Day?

Getting ready for a wedding takes time and commitment. But if you have a short engagement, time is not on your side! You can still get a summer wedding body in a short amount of time with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon.

  1. Liposuction: If you’re not far from your goal weight, say less than 15 lbs.,  liposuction can help move those stubborn fatty deposits from your waist, arms, back, legs, or anywhere. You’ll immediately look and feel trimmer; your dress should fit with ease!
  2. Tummy Tucks: While lipo removes extra fat, a tummy tuck provides definition to the abdominal muscles. If you’re going for a late summer or fall wedding on the beach or wearing a mermaid style dress, having tight abs can make your dress just right.
  3. Breast Lifts or Augmentation: Current dress styles have plunging or low necklines, providing a showcase for your breasts. If you need a little help filling out the dress, a breast lift or augmentation can give you the volume you desire!

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