Vampire Facials Lead to Better Sex

You can’t watch TV without seeing a commercial for Viagra or Cialis. Clearly the demographic watching “prime time” shows tend to have problems with physical intimacy. But taking a bath in the great outdoors isn’t really the best way to get there. Sure, there is a place for pharmacological assistance, but what if your body has what it needs to help or heal itself?

Building Blocks in the Blood

Your blood has the ability to stimulate growth and heal damaged areas. This was initially used as a treatment to plump and firm aging skin as well as to regenerate thinning hair through a process using platelet rich plasma (PRP.) The same doctors who discovered and patented the Vampire Facial procedure for faces also realized that PRP could help other areas that need a “lift.” The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot can do just that.

Size Matters

Even if your partner says size doesn’t matter to them, it matters to you. The length, girth, and firmness of an erection heightens the overall enjoyment you experience during sex. But a little extra weight, a few extra years, diabetes, or smoking can decrease one or all of these aspects. The P-Shot uses platelet rich plasma from your own body that has been activated in order to stimulate healing, regeneration, and growth. Patients experience immediate, lasting results. And reports say their partners are pleased, too!

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your performance and pleasure during sex, contact Southwest Plastic Surgery for a consult on the P-Shot. This quick and painless procedure can help you get your mojo back! Want to find out more? Follow us on social media @RealDrWorldWide on Snapchat and Instagram, @Agullo on Twitter, or @AgulloPlasticSurgery on Facebook.