A Natural Obsession

On the whole, men are preoccupied with their penises: how it acts, how it feels, how it performs, the size, shape, and color. It starts at an early age, long before puberty hits; and though it is never quite as pressing as during the teens and twenties, the obsession never quite fades. 

Like sex, every generation seems to think they have discovered something new. But the truth is the male fascination with his own genitalia goes back a very long time. Length and girth for a man would speak to his ability to produce a child and to please a mate. Though fertility and fulfilling sex life aren’t necessarily determined by the size of a penis, many men believe that bigger is still better.

Buyer Beware

The internet is full of “shops” that make all kinds of promises about enlarging or enhancing the penis. Take this pill. Use this gadget. Do this exercise. Most of these offers are complete nonsense and could possibly be dangerous! Remember, the penis is not just a sexual organ, it also eliminates urine, so it’s important to keep it healthy! If you really want to add to your length or circumference, there are two options: surgery or injections.

Male Enhancements in El Paso

Probably both of those ideas make you skeptical. After all, who wants a sharp knife or needle near his most sensitive area? Dr. Agullo can tell you that of the two options, the Juvederm Voluma injections have a great outcome with fewer possible complications. Juvederm is the same filler used to sculpt faces. Results can be seen immediately and can last for as long as two years, depending on your metabolism.

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