Age With Grace!

It happens every morning: the face in the mirror gets a little more unrecognizable; the body you dress is a little more saggy. Lines and spots have appeared in places that used to be smooth and clear.  Your life will leave a roadmap on your face. Sometimes, you can embrace the changes: tiny lines at your eyes and mouth tell the story of a life full of laughter. But you might not be as accepting of bags under your eyes, thinning lips, lines on your forehead, or droopy jowls.

Once you reach your 50s and 60s, hormonal changes have affected your body.  Decreased estrogen levels mean a loss of elasticity in your skin. Cellular regeneration slows down, so damage, even old damage can stain your face, and hands with age spots. There are a number of cosmetic procedures you can do to repair the evidence of time.

  • • Fillers: Collagen or dermal fillers are injections that can support your skin’s natural structure and reclaim volume to lift sagging places.
  • • Neurotoxin Injections: Botox is the most familiar of the cosmetic neurotoxins. Regular injections will soften the creases in your forehead, face, and neck.
  • • Laser Resurfacing and Photorejuvenation: Removing and repairing sun and age damage with lasers!
  • • Ultherapy: A more gentle therapy using ultrasound technology. Ultherapy smooths and tightens your skin by encouraging your body to naturally increase and strengthen its collagen production!

It’s never too late to address an aesthetic flaw that has always bothered you. With excellent surgeons like Dr. Frank Agullo AKA Dr. WorldWide at Southwest Plastic Surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery has never been so accessible. Call our El Paso area office today to schedule a consultation.  You’ll be on your way to a more beautiful, youthful you!

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Did Lady Gaga Have Surgery?!

Every since the Super Bowl, or maybe even earlier at the Golden Globes Awards, the internet has been blowing up about Lady Gaga having cosmetic surgery done.  In 0.8 seconds, Google turns up more than 2 million results for “Lady Gaga Cosmetic Surgery.” But the question remains, has she, or hasn’t she?  And even more curious, why shouldn’t she?

Not Born This Way?

Lady Gaga is never Speechless about anything, and that includes plastic surgery. She has been outspoken against having work done, which is why there is so much interest in whether or not she has sculpted her face.  If she has, she wouldn’t be alone among Super Bowl artists to have work done.  Among others, both Michael and Janet Jackson, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Madonna, and Katy Perry have allegedly had either plastic surgery or other procedures to correct or enhance their appearances.

Maybe it was a nose job (or three), Botox, or dermal filler. If she did have plastic surgery, or any other procedure done, it doesn’t make her a Monster, even though the interwebs have tried to vilify her for it.  The statement she made against surgery and enhancement was made several years ago, when she was much younger; opinions, just like faces, can change through time and experience.

If you have become older and wiser, and want to have a better Poker Face, call Southwest Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Agullo AKA RealDrWorldWide has been serving the El Paso Area for many years and has the experience you want in a Plastic Surgeon.  Take the first steps toward a more youthful, more confident you in 2017.  The results will make you want to Just Dance!

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