Back Street’s Back!

Of all the performances at the 2018 VMAs, the one we were most excited about was the Back Street Boys! The show came on the 20th anniversary of their first appearance on the VMAs in 1998.  Their songs have remained in loyal fans’ playlists for that entire time.

Truly, though the band went through changes and breaks, they never truly left the entertainment business.  A look through pictures from the last twenty years documents their changing hairstyles and fashions, some more hilarious than others, but those same pictures also document a lack of change in their facial and body appearance. Though their outward look became more defined, svelte, and mature, they don’t actually look any older! How did they do that?

Age Defiance

As performers, the boys of Back Street have access to makeup artists and stylist who keep them looking sharp for the public eye.  Additionally, their shows involve a major dance component, which require regular practice and workouts to perfect. You probably don’t have this kind of resource to dress and prepare you daily, not to mention the need to perform your workouts on perfectly on stage. But you can get the kind of help that helps you look 20 years younger!

Facial, Body, andHair Restoration in El Paso

Dr. Agullo and the team at Southwest Plastic Surgery can keep you looking your best, and when you look great, you also feel great! Whether you need to restore your hairline, fill in the lines or lift your face, or sculpt your body you can trust Dr. Agullo to give you a beautiful look.  Check out our before and after photos and follow us on social media: @RealDrWorldWide on Snapchat and Instagram, @Agullo on Twitter, or @AgulloPlasticSurgery on Facebook.

Natural Woman, Natural Confidence

img-blog-Black and white fashion art studio portrait of beautiful elegant woman

No matter what picture you look at, Ms. Aretha Franklin looks full of confidence and frequently, joy. Determination was in her eyes, while happiness lights up her smile. The Queen of Soul always seemed to be confident and composed. 

Now it’s true that some of this could have been accomplished with a small army of stylists, but we prefer to think that most of her confidence came from within!

Lamenting Lady Soul

Aretha had plenty to feel confident about. Her voice, her position, her look; her professional life was amazing. Those who were fortunate enough to see her perform live often talked about how much a part of her music she was. Whatever she was singing was what she was living at that moment. Her passing leaves a huge hole in the fabric of the entertainment world, a darkness where there was previously light. She will be greatly missed.

Draw from Her Strength

When you think about being more confident in your life, think about Aretha. Channel her lively spirit. Turn on “RESPECT” and make that song your mindset for the day. If you still feel like you need a little help looking and feeling confident, contact Southwest Plastic Surgery. 

Whether you are looking to trim extra skin after a massive weight loss or recontour your body after pregnancy,  Dr. Agullo can give you several ideas for how you can look and feel great in your own body. Get social with us for more ideas: @RealDrWorldWide on Snapchat and Instagram, @Agullo on Twitter, or @AgulloPlasticSurgery on Facebook.

“Say Yes to The Dress!”

Body contouring model

Summer is the season of weddings! Whether you are one of the many brides planning to walk down the aisle this summer, one of the bridesmaids, or planning your wedding for next summer, you know that the wedding gown is a key element in making the day perfect.

Every girl who dreams of a wedding, dreams of the perfect dress, the perfect location, the perfect spouse waiting for her at the altar. And while traditionalism may be on the way out, it’s a perennial truth that the bride should look and feel fabulous in her dress, whether it’s a high collared, long sleeved, white satin dress or a champagne colored ballgown with a plunging neckline.

Speaking of Traditionalism

Supposedly, brides shouldn’t show off too much of their bodies as they walk down the aisle, but every bride wants to feel confident. So whether you’ve chosen a haute couture gown to show off your torso, a sleek, backless sheath, or a strapless, mermaid gown, chances are that you’ll need to eat well and exercise to keep your gown fitting right and make the most of your exposed arms, back, and abs. But what can you do about your breasts? No amount of diet or exercise can make them fuller, and a push-up bra will only work if you’re covering your assets. But if you’re still planning your wedding and dress, why not consider breast implants to voluptuously fill your gown and help you feel confident and sexy on your big day.

Dr. Agullo specializes in breast augmentation and body contouring. You can get your best bridal body with a little help from your friends at Southwest Plastic Surgery. Check out our before and after galleries and follow us on social media: @RealDrWorldWide on Snapchat and Instagram, @Agullo on Twitter, or @AgulloPlasticSurgery on Facebook.