Paradise Lost, Paradise Renewed

beach body ready

In 2000, Fox released The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Filmed on an exotic beach in Thailand, the movie is known more for its beautiful scenery and filmography than for its plot. Sure, it performed well at the box office, but most critics agree its performance had more to do with the shirtless DiCaprio than the movie itself.

Even though it was critically panned, The Beach did put its locale “on the map.” Since 2000, Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh Island in Thailand has been inundated with travelers and tourists.  What was once an island paradise has become crowded and even damaged.

Boats, jet skis, and the sheer volume of people visiting have clouded the pristine waters and even damaged the coral and ocean life. In an act of protection, the

Thai government has opted to close the beach for four months and put a cap on the number of visitors who can come each day.

Feeling like The Beach?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “What happened to my beautiful, youthful body?” The answer is life. The freshman fifteen happened, babies happened, marriage, divorce, illness, poor diet, exercise, and poor nutrition have all happened to your body.

Like water sports have marred the coral of Maya Bay, time and life have left their traces on you. You are still beautiful, whether you see it or not, Dr. Agullo can help you pull your beauty back out to the spotlight.

Whether you need your legs, tummy, breasts or arms reshaped, the team at Southwest Plastic Surgery can get your body ready for the Beach. Look for our before and after pictures and follow us online: @RealDrWorldWide on Snapchat and Instagram, @Agullo on Twitter, or @AgulloPlasticSurgery on Facebook.